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?Differences Of Virgin And Remy Hair

Remy hair comes in a variety of different types, Indian, Chinese and Brazilian hair being the most popular. The most popular type of wig is the lace front wig, as it is the most long-lasting type of wig and it can last up to 2 years! Whole lace wigs are available, but because they are so prone to tearing, they are almost worthless. They do not look any more natural than the lace front ones.

Brazilian hair withstands styling treatments such as coloring and perming. It should be maintained with appropriately formulated shampoos and conditioners. While washing braided weaves, the shampoo should reach between the weft rows and after a thorough rinse, the hair must be blow dried, as it is likely to retain moisture. While braided weaves and bonded weaves last for almost eight weeks, weaves made by fusion method lasts up to almost three months. Wash your hair and let it air dry. Please put the least amount of brazilian human hair product in your hair to achieve its natural straight look, note that hair will have a slight wave.

The size of this market is enormous, growing and easily targeted," stated Alix Moore who is described by industry experts as one of the first human hair manufacturers in the United States. Alix Moore has been breaking new ground in the hair industry for over 26 years and is the founder and CEO of M.A.D. Hair Inc.(Making A Difference) and Indian Hair Direct, Inc. Based in Atlanta, GA. The growth in the real human hair extension market is outpacing the growth in the synthetic hair market. The US and Great Britain consume most of the world's market for human hair.

Virgin hair weave is the best way to go. That is hair that has not been processed and dyed. It is simply cut from the donor's head and packaged. There are many benefits to buying virgin hair For one it looks healthy with your physical appearance. It is also very smooth, bright, and soft in addition to fully tangle-free through its lifetime. We aim at providing complete satisfaction to our clients therefore we used high grade human hairs to manufacture these extensions. The manufacturing process of these extentions is carried out under the guidance of our professional experts. Our clients can avail these products from us at reasonable price range.

Most common hair known as fallen hair , also called "Remy" has no cuticle. It has been striped to prevent tangling because the hair has fallen and the cuticles are mixed and going all directions. This hair has longevity too but bleaching treatments are not recommended, semi permanent deposit color is OK to make the hair darker. This hair can also withstand high temperatures and can last 8 months to 1.5 years with proper care. Remy is a good choice if you like true jet black or pure bright blondes and anything in between. It can also come in many textures.

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